Monday, March 07, 2005

Trois Couleurs: Bleu, Blanc and Rouge


Watching movies like this is when u feel what Ebert said in one of his reviews - It's as if European films have a more adult, inward, knowing way of dealing with the emotions, and Hollywood hasn't grown up enough. (that it came from the review of the Blue is pure coincidence. His reviews of movies of Fellini, Tati and likes also tangent towards that suggestion!)
I just love the way he just gives a damn to logic and proceeds and the wonderful use of colours.. and his humanely inward look at the 3 political words (so to say!) Liberty, Equality and Fraternity!

Rediscovered Godfather : Part II as well!!
and to end this weekend in a grand manner, watched Ran!! but could catch only half of it, as it was time to pack my bags! will finish it soon and I owe a review on it (and some other movies as well!)!!

What a wonderful weekend!


  1. I also saw Red sometime back and liked it very much. Although its the last of the trilogy, I watched it first.

  2. Yeah! All three movies in the Three Colours Trilogy definitely stand on their own and there needs to be no order in which u need to watch them..

    And, "Red" is the best among the three movies! (so, u started with the best..)

    Though I knew this when I started watching the movies, I wanted to take it as Kieslowski wanted to give it! :)