Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Art in its own right!(?)

Check this out to know what Ebert thinks about Taal!!
should I ROTFL/laugh/smile/show pride/cry in knowing what Indian Cinema is famous for?
Is there anything bad about viewing Subhash Ghai's art in its (and his) own way? An unsuspecting Ebert seems to do that and is all praise for the Indian Spielberg (lets hunt the guy who dubbed him as that and execute him!)

This weekend, I continued my fascination on Cinema Kieslowskia by watching Decalogue (7 of them on the same day!). More on this later!

Bose: The Forgotten Hero is up and ready for release soon. Audio is already into the market and my playlist!
Where is Benegal going with this movie? Still deep into commercial cinema where his track record is utterly not good? Though, his choice of Sachin Khedekar doesn't exactly indicate that he is going the Dev-Nihalani way... (sorry for the belittlement there. yet to catch Dev and my opinion on it is mainly based on those vile reviewers whom I seem to believe!)

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