Monday, February 28, 2005

oscars... what about Scorsese? - Updated

So no Scorsese again.. I dont say ":((" coz its pretty odd for Academy not to have credited this man for the last 30 years.. and maintaining their 'legacy'...

I was very curious if he would pick it up for Aviator having not won for movies like Tax Driver (just imagine Rocky getting ahead of it!), Raging Bull and Goodfellas... and somehow feeling upbeat after he dint bag it this time too.. and Scorsese remains in the dubious yet great list along with Hitchcock..

Eastwood wins the director and Million Dollar Baby the best movie too!

oscars... what about Scorsese?

Though I am yet to see both Aviator and Million Dollar Baby, I am just wondering if Scorsese will win the award this time..

Only four categories yet to be announced..

best actor - i am not predicting (haven't seen any as well)
best actress - ditto
best director - should be Scorsese or Eastwood
best Orig Screenplay - who else but Charlie Kauffman (again without seeing the movie :( hunting for eternal sunshine nowadays....)

Little Terrorist dint win in the short film category... :(((((

Friday, February 25, 2005

coming soon!

A Review on (I would rather call it an ode to!) "Hey! Ram"....

I don't know why I just love this movie and get peeved when I read something harsh on it. May be, I know the reason. But, I do not admit that as the reason. I confess. I am a fan of Kamal Haasan. But, however much, i detach myself from the fanhood, still this movie definitely captures my admiration every time I try to analyse it.
critics panned it. self-indulgence, they said. Ravi Vasudevan found it aligned with the Hindu Right's unleashing of certain public discourses and as Kamal's (failed?) attempt at the identification with the broader Indian nation-state.
Yet to catch hold of what Khalid Mohammed and likes had to say about it. Precious little information available on the net analysing this film such as this by Rehan Ansari (writes in chowk and mid-day too) and an absolutely wonderful analysis by Philip Lutgendorf whose mention I would save for the review.

My ode will follow..

i just don't know....

i just don't know the concept of RSS feed etc...

anybody who knows can clarify it to me..
(who will read this blog is a good question!).

reviews are yet to come..
i ll make it "a-post-a-day" soon!