Thursday, March 31, 2005

Mumbai Xpress!!!

Mumbai Xpress website has been kicked off!
check it out!
Heard some days before that its a kidnap(-gone-awry?) story..
and so it is!
The site looks great!

Some weeks ago, Kamal Haasan said at a news conference organized at the Sahara-One Motion Pictures office that, "Except for the soundtrack, 'Mumbai Xpress' looks like 'Nayakan' or any of my better films". I am expecting a lot this time!

and pleeeeeeze Kamal.. I hope (I really hope this should not happen, and am being damn honest in admitting it) there is no Hollywood inspiration this time...
Though I still would say even most of his hollywood adaptations have been great/good/rarely OK; w.r.t. the standards set by comedy movies from Kamal production house in an otherwise insipid Tamil film industry (save for a few others) as far as comedy is concerned.
no inspired story this time please!


  1. yea..eager to watch Mumbai Xpress...hope it will be a real good entertainer.

    and by any chance,u know how to join "the madras film soceity"?.do u have the phone number?? cos they r going to screen some 12 films this april!!cant miss them

  2. kamal on hollywood inspiration...

  3. Hi Aravind!
    I stay in bangalore and had not been a member of Madras Film Society though have caught screenings of some movies. So not got much idea on that.
    Read the Kamal's interview on star-ecentral (through teakada)!

    anyways, thanks a bunch for reading my blog posts and keep reading them. Its real good to have someone reading ur blog!