Tuesday, March 01, 2005

has anybody hit my blog already?

Its so strange if i keep talking to myself in this blog...

has anybody hit it already?

if so, leave a comment..

P.S. :- Today, I took a strange exercise of seeing how other blogs started and was relieved to see it was much the same way as mine. In one of the blogs i frequent nowadays, by Nakul Krishna, he had asked a similar question in his initial blogging days (he had actually given his email id).

To end up with a recursive thought, may be, this exercise (of looking at some bloggers' blogs as to what extent it was frequented at the beginning stage) itself was not so strange and many used to do it and thought it was strange too. Again, the above-mentioned "may-be-everybody-did-it" thought too struck everyone and so on..... :))


  1. Readers are shy, I have discovered. Get a Blog Patrol / Sitemeter account pronto and hunt them down, those elusive creatures (like I did). I can link to you, I presume?

  2. hi nakul,
    thanks a lot for ur comment.. i ve already replied to u thru mail (mails, should i say?).. strange that i dint find it was an alert from blogger on ur comment added here... (as the from-id was yours!)

    as far as the idea of hunting down the "shy readers", a link to know abt blog patrol would help!

  3. lol.. this post cracks me up!