Tuesday, March 22, 2005

All ye K.B. fans!!

There is this ongoing Balachander Film Festival in K TV..
I was continually perplexed to find so many KB movies playing all through the schedule of K TV..
With no exaggerations around 50 % of the movies being shown are that of K.B.'s (with a whole lot of week-level repetitions as well!)

The choice of movies aired on Tamil Satellite Channels make no sense. They dont pick the latest movies. nor the good movies of the past. not even the hit stinking-masala films. but obscure movies of the past and label them as "superhit velli" and likes.

I aint no big KB fan! But he made a lot of sense when nobody else gave a serious thought to cinema!
Anyways, had some good retrospective session on the man and his movies. Though, I dint manage to catch most of the movies, I dug them at google!

Can you people (those who are reading this!) tell me ur favourite K.B. movies and y u liked them??

P.S.:- If you are yet to see some of his movies which you always wanted to see, K TV is in good mood (leave the prime-time movies in weekends. They are the ones that really suck!) and catch them this season on pre-noon, afternoon (There is one 4 p.m. show nowadays which most of office-goers would miss. They showed "Achamillai Achamillai" some days ago at this showtime which i had to miss!) or late-night sessions!!


  1. hi,
    great blog.and plss write the Hey ram review which u promised to write.I am from chennai and I have a copy of Hey Ram screenplay ,which u wanted to read. I am in TNagar. If u want it,jus shoot a mail to mailarvindk@gmail.com.

    Also,can u tell me where to get the Three color films.Can u plss tell me the varous places in Chennai where they screen such films(I am already a member of FIlm chamber).R there any film clubs in chennai?

  2. Hi Aravind!

    well... i got the copy of hey ram screenplay from booklands. Anyway thanks a bunch for remembering that cry i made wherever possible on the weblogs and other forums!! :)

    and regarding the review, its coming.. coming..

  3. hey me too got that book from Booklands,TNagar.between there is going to be a film fest in chennai on april 10th 11th and 12th. its going to be canadian films.bye

  4. aravind,
    thanks for the info on the canadian film fest though i wont be able to attend.
    and three colours dvds (and a lot more) are available at cinema paradiso (rental dvd shop, if u dint know). I dont know where it is located exactly in chennai.

    Thanks for loitering around my blog.

  5. Zero, my all-time fav KB movie would have to be 'Sindhu Bhairavi'. But the list of his movies made by him that I like would be really long. Most of his oldies like 'Bama Vijayam', 'Avargal', 'Moondru Mudichu' as well as later ones like 'Achamillai Achamillai', 'Thanneer Thanneer', 'Thillu Mullu', etc.

  6. Hi Balaji!
    I too like all the movies u mentioned and some more from the KB stable!! He was path-breaking in his efforts. But his movies are replete with "characterizations". I generally find the following relation holding in some of KB's movies. Most of the shots define the characters, and its the characters who in turn, define the plot. This is a very interesting relation he establishes in many movies of his! But he gets very unwieldy (blame for having bred on the contemporary movies) at times with his shots (esp. those side face of one character covering half-the-screen and showing the other character from quite a distance. he repeated till it stank).

    I should say my personal faves include Varumaiyin Niram Sivappu (a departure from his usual stagey narrations/shot technique to realistic narrations/dialogue delivery).

  7. "moondru mudichu" according to me was KB's best. It had all his elements, courage, symbolism and irony.

    it is a pretty good movie

  8. Varumayin niram sivappu is my fav. too. Nice depiction of the function ideals play in a principled man's life.

    Nice blog BTW.

  9. My favourites are
    Sindhu Bhairavi,Aval Oru Thodarkathai, Poova Thalaya, Arangetram, Moondru Mudichu, Varumaiyin Niram Sivappu, Unnal mudiyum thambi etc., Haven't seen his "Thanneer thanneer" and "Achamillai achamillai" yet.


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