Friday, July 29, 2005

Taking a cue from Mahesh Manjrekar?

  • Caught Viruddh yesterday [knowing what it would be like, which I could sense from the promos] and should say, it was ordinary, as expected [But, Mahesh Majrekar did surprise me with those ads for oil, Nerolac paints and Western Union Bank and that unique idea of ghost narration by John Abraham ;)].
  • Thanks to a visit to T.N. last week, I saw Feb 14 [two words: A bad B-flick and Bharath is done for a couple of years] and Priyasakhi [A Vikraman-meets-V.Sekar-meets-a-pathetic-Visu enterprise] and there is still a debate as to which was worse. My vote goes for Feb 14, though. Hmmm... talk about masochistic tendencies.
  • Collective Chaos has this Makhmalbaf & family Film Festival this weekend and this a dont-miss alert.
  • I don't know why. I am eagerly awaiting for My Wife's Murder's release. The interesting promos and Anil Kapoor's interview here [however much I get alerts on possibilities of his desperation and the trend of calling every new movie as the actor's/director's/producer's best, nowadays; or perhaps, from time immemorial] really hooked me on to this.
  • And the self-advertisements continue. My blog-equivalent of Karna [elder, but abandoned] has some questions. Do answer them.

    1. ya , i heard feb 14 was bad! sorry to hear priyasakhi sux too

      - the artist formerly known as bharath

    2. Sri- What are those Ads you are talking about. And thanks for the pointer to my wife's murder. looks nice. let's see if it picks up

    3. zero,
      i appreciate ur risk taking abilities.I totally stopped watching tamil movies experimentally.

    4. Priyasakhi was ok. And hey, I think "My Wife's murder" is a remake of a telugu movie starring Chakravarthy which RGV produced. I saw the same kind of posters in Hydrebad last year. The movie was a big flop there.

    5. Suresh,
      Yeah, "My Wife's murder" has been in the making for quite long (with 2 versions - "Jaan Bhuj ke" and "Galti se" - if you didn't know) and since RGV thought the idea would fit to telugu audience (ask him why) and simultaneously made it in telugu as well as "Madhyanam Hatya". Its caption was offensive to women's asso and they called a ban on that film. RGV hence shelved the hindi version for quite some time. I am disappointed as it might not have the two versions now. :(

    6. Bharath, such is life :)!

      Lazy, they had advertisements within the film. literally! and there was even a flashback just for the sake of one of those ads on Western Union Bank.

      Senthil, I take stupidity very seriously; may be as an experiment or as a habit.. :)

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