Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Some joke ? ? ? ?
Is it that these are the hot candidates (pointer?) or is it actually announced?
Will be right back.


  1. You posted on iSphere about my Godfather review and it being copied of James Berardinelli. Yes thats right... and I made a mistake; I put the thanks in coding so it was not visible on the screen. Also I want to ask.. can you do that? Like copy bits and pieces from other sites and post them on yours.. as long as you give thanks? Sorry for this juggle up - also happened on my Mumbai Xpress review which was a direct copy of Rangans - I just want to know whether its allowed. Thanks for your time.

  2. Also, I would like if you guys could please post some comments on my own reviews like the Ayutha Ezhuthu one - I put a lot of effort into that.

    Again I am terribly sorry for this plagiairism - I didnt mean it. I have corrected the reviews now.

  3. Thats alright, buddy.

  4. yeah they've been announced. my latest post's on this one...

  5. It seems sify had the wrong information or puposefully distorted the truth. Aishwarya Rai did not win for best actress - God help India if she did.

  6. Balaji & Venkat,
    Initially (yesterday evening) all the links I linked to carried information about Aishwarya Rai winning the award for Raincoat. But then the pages were updated in some 1/2 hour and it was said that it was Tara who won the best actress (The first one is defunct now because the page had some journo asking the readers if Aish really deserved it over other actresses and it made sense no more LOL!).
    For me, apart from Rai, Saif & Page 3 winning were also big big surprises.

  7. zero, yep defly lotta surprises and controversies...

  8. Sri,
    Do you want the best actor award for me, it could be arranged.