Thursday, July 14, 2005

Yesterday, I was one of the blessed ones to go through the whole sort of rumours about National Awards [I guessed many of them could be bogus, then; it turned out that only one info, a fatal one at that, about the awards was actually false] as I was updating on a minute-basis. The first link I bumped upon was Rediff's (very) immediate reaction [they had only this link in the main page, then; not even the link to a bigger set of awards] to Aishwarya Rai "winning" the award, where in, a rediff journo was lamenting [of course the link is dead now] if Aishwarya really deserved the award [which I duly linked in the very first question mark in my previous post as that was the biggest joke for me; blame it on my bias]. Thankfully, it was Tara for her lead performance as Haseena in Kasaravalli's Haseena [btw, which was the Kasaravalli movie which didn't win any national award?].
Today, the main rediff page cries that "Ash deserved the award" [agreed, it was actually Rituparno Ghosh and not rediff; But, still something tells me that these guys can't live without references to Ash just as much Kamal Haasan can't make movies without references to Charlie Chaplin].

Update (at Jul 15, 05:11 p.m.):-
Check out Saif's cheeky reaction on receiving the national award! I have quite liked him as an actor since he got his RGV connection [since LKLKBK, that is; as against the general opinion that it was DCH which transformed him into what he is now, I thought it was when there was a refreshing change in his persona and acting skills; the same comic flair was evidently visible in the former too; only that it developed to a great effect in DCH]. But, I am still very much surprised ['surprised' meaning 'not convinced'] with he receiving the national award for best actor. I like all the counter-points as to why the award should not go for a light role and all that. But, the National Award for his effort in "Hum Tum"? Not that there was no such case before. Heck, Anil Kapoor won it for Pukar. Anyways, I haven't seen "Hum Tum". Nor do I remember any exceptional performance [which I've seen] that was outrageously overlooked or something [only some small commendable efforts like that of Madhavan/Abhishek in AE/Yuva; SRK's performance in Swades was sincere, not superb; Did I miss anyone? Alert readers can remind me!]. So, I should rather shut up and see Saif get his national award until then!
As to "Page 3" winning the Best Film award, I will rant on that later.


  1. me too saw rediff's news that saif and ash got the national award. i immediately checked other indian sites. i found the same news appearing in after an hour or so the rediff changed the content of the page and in sify the page disappeared. but a blogger captured the screenshot of the rediff award news page. u can view that screenshot at

    later i saw the same news ash winning the national award in and newindpress .com deleted the news item. still toi carries that item in its website

  2. Now only i noticed sify's link is still up.

    checkout this blog post releated to national awards,


  3. my thoughts..

  4. srk's performance in swades is not "sincere".it is hollow.just be true to your gut feeling,when you had to criticise a popular and charismatic personality ,like sharukh.
    by the way i liked your piece on 'there is no good or bad only,a bland sirkar'.most of critics ,have praised this are one exception.

  5. "just be true to your gut feeling,when you had to criticise a popular and charismatic personality ,like sharukh"
    Well, I think I was. I said SRK's performance was sincere because he was not doing SRK-trademark-antics like donning hip clothes etc, hamming heck a lot ("k-k--k-kiran", "anjali anjali" types u know!) in his usual portrayal of roles regardless of the characters he is playing. It was obviously so, because of the presence of Ashutosh as a director. And, I found nothing great in it. But, nothing irksome as well. And that was all what I could expect from SRK unless he is goin to surprise me to death one fine day!
    On second thoughts, I didn't find it that "hollow". May be I didn't even give much thought to his performance, as it is.


  6. and btw Anonymous,
    Thanks for ur comments!