Tuesday, August 02, 2005

This post makes no claim that I am the lone challenger to this man or something. I have expressed my admiration openly quite many times about his determination and diligence.
But, of late, I too am going bonkers.
Latest is that I managed to watch Daas [another B-entry - there are so many these days - with some sparks of unintentional satirical take on religious harmony; but the tempo wasn't maintained throughout like, say a Narasimha to enjoy the movie], first-day-night-show; and driving home all the talk that I am Andy Dufresne's alter ego [minus the "hope" factor], I didn't cry once. not once!

Update {Aug 2, 11:50 a.m.}: As an update to the last edition of masochism and its undertones in movie-watching in this blog, here's a simply hilarious interview by one Mr. Hosimin on his film, February 14. I seriously advise you to watch the movie and then read the interview. Or else, you will miss all the humour; like
  • The film opened well [...] and is a hit, especially in cities. The youth audiences like it and there is a positive talk about the film.
  • All shows are going full and it is right on top in Sun TV’s ‘Top Ten’.
  • That his film has been criticized for its slow narration [quite unfairly] {This is the best, isn't it?}
  • [He] made a honest film straight from [his] heart that can be watched with the entire family.
  • [the writer/director actually had a script and] finished it about three years back [and thought he could pull it off, even after pondering over it for so long].
  • [Last, but not the least,] February 14 is way ahead of all competition.

    1. I too read the interview in sify but i haven't seen the movie so not to miss the fun will watch the movie in the CD today which is there in my room(but even the CD has no takers in my room it seems, none of them in my room tried to watch the movie so far)

    2. Suresh,
      Make no mistake. The movie was terrible and was hardly funny. It was the interview that was funny!

    3. thanx for the mention :)

      will bookmark the interview to read after seeing the movie :)

    4. Daas has my former classmate/bench mate as its hero - haven't talked to him about his new career....but hows Ravi doing/??

    5. Oh, yeah? Then, don't talk about this post to him.. :)
      And if you were talking about the business he is doing, he has had two hits I suppose and is going good.

    6. i saw february14 movie. its wonderful and excellent movie..its a decent film. i liked also the live action animation in the film. its like a hollywood romatic movie..february14 film making is excellent even it has slow narration.the director intreview is so honest. why tasteless people like u wrote bad about the film..? i think the man who wrote badly about feb14 is fan of sex films..he must be stupid audience