Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Oscar Swindlers

Well, the FFI has chosen Paheli* as the official Indian entry for this year's Oscars. Not that it's going to make some difference. But FFI is so screwed that they do this every year; only once in a blue moon, have they selected one among the worthier efforts of that year.
Otherwise it's all like some parody like this year's nominees list which include Veer-Zaara, Sachein, Anniyan and the likes. Enough said.
Even National Awards falter sometimes to mediocrity. But nowhere near to match FFI!
The grapevine has it that after Jeans, this is the closest chance we might get to clinch the oscars! ;)

* - I haven't seen Paheli myself and hence no comments on the movie itself.

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  1. ummm.. You missed mentioning Sachein as one of the contendors for the spot of nominee? ;)

  2. Or was it who missed reading it? :) Sachein's mention kinda stimulated this post!

  3. Zero, with regional film chambers nominating the Nominees, I'm surprised that you find it appaling!

  4. Sorry about the offtopic post but can you shed some light on the news lately about some of the Indian(read Bollywood) movie scripts being included in 'Oscar library'?

  5. hey,

    Saw Ghajini. It was a good entertainer though not great. Waiting for ur revu. I have written one too.

  6. Me too,
    Welcome. Actually, you are shedding some light on this for me; meaning, I hear it from you. I will google and see.
    Frankly, I may (in all probability) not write a review on Ghajini considering that this blog has been more of an intermittent write-ups on odd movies (and I seem to like it that way!). But sure, there will be a passing (2-word) rant on Ghajini for sure, I presume!

  7. hi,

    i for sure know that Ghajini (considering the you need realism and logic in every frame) is not your cup of tea, but was just curious to know your opinion.

  8. Hey, you are right, National awards selectors are going berserk these days, who else will choose bundle-of-cliche,Page 3 as the best film.

    But I think choosing Paheli over Black and Swades is right. Although Hazaroon Khwaaishein aisi may be a better choice.