Thursday, September 29, 2005

The much-necessitated disclaimer

Well.. with all the hullaballoo going on about the correctness in the choice of Paheli as the official nomination from India (Rediff leading from the front), I wanted to reiterate my stand on this whole Oscar-thing. I mean, this token Oscar nomination has been going on for long time with not much significance (swayed by south Indian films for years including the likes of Jeans) and nobody seemed to care as much as they are doing now!
My previous post was of the rants-kind on a token piece of parody in the name of nominees happenning year after year.
I am not reacting in anger (like the repeated rants here) about what should have been the right choice instead of 'Paheli'. But, surest thing, I would have loved had HKA got selected, though :(.


  1. Hi
    I havent seen many of the other movies including "HKA" but I've seen Paheli and Black and Swades. Of them, I think Paheli is the right choice. I got my own post on this if you would like to take a look

    Anyway, keep up the good posting and btw. I think you are doing something good with your blog - in reference to a few posts back.

  2. From what I've heard from a lot of people, Paheli sucks, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by FFI's moves. They chose Devdas to go to the Oscars, what for Paheli!
    I suppose Black or Swades would have been a better choice. I haven't seen Paheli, but I've seen the other two and they're good.

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