Thursday, June 02, 2005

Woody Allen

Why am I yearning (to death) to see movies of Woody Allen, all of a sudden?
I don't remember reading about him anywhere accidentally or something.
I did google about him intensely for a couple of days now (or was it around a week) during day hours in my company. But, all by myself...
I wonder why? Something (currently sub-conscious) must have triggered this....
Oh.. yeah, I saw a book in Crossword which had the complete collection of his writings and I was kinda impressed by its looks (?); and am a big fan of the quotes of his, which I have come across!

And why am I blogging about this? Yeah, I vow I will watch at least half-a-dozen soon.


  1. Annie Hall was funny... I think his eccentricities make it funnier that it really seems. But the humour is cynical and dry :)

  2. anti,
    Dunno why, but i ve been wanting to watch his movies and "Annie Hall" is the first in my list, for obv reasons as it is one of his most talked-about movies.
    Talking about eccentricities, it seems to me as well that his characters are mostly eccentric and that adds to the humour.
    The hidden reason behind this, which I try to hide from myself, is to enjoy/experience the humour in his movies and also gauge it with what I think as the good humour and comedies I ve known/seen so far.
    I ve been going thru this need for exploration of humour thing for quite sometime now since, I wrote that posts on Kamal-Singeetham-Crazy combo movies. No winks, I am real serious on this humour exploration :).

  3. Hmmm.. I understand. I actually started revisiting Bond movies sometime early last year. I lost interest cos no one seemed to be interested in them :(

  4. anti,
    It aint a REVISIT for me, in this case, though.. as I haven't seen Annie Hall or any of his films.