Friday, June 03, 2005

No "No Smoking" in films, please!

So I've been hearing about this ban on showing smoking in films, first thru Lazy's post and then thru Balaji, here.
My personal opinion, of course, is that it's a ridiculous thing to do and it would really put the creators of the art in a fix.
That I vehemently oppose this is one thing. But I didn't know until this day that it was Dr. Ramadoss all along, until I read Aamir's letter, thru Gaurav's post, the politically illiterate guy, that I am. And why wasn't there any talk on the Ramadoss-cancerstick connection (after all, the minister is his son) in the blog arena which would have enlightened me even before my self-realisation of the main factor behind this issue. Or, am I being politically incorrect in my suspicion?
That Ramadoss has been taking his personal opinion too far, for quite sometime now, is undeniable. But now, he is also taking his personal duel with Rajinikanth (his accusations on Rajinikanth and all that, about which I won't completely disagree with) too far and trying to make it a law at the national level. And, that precisely is bullsh*t.


  1. actually, i didnt know that the minister was ramadoss' son. i did see the name anbumani ramadoss, wonder if there was a connection and think of googling it after my post. but never got around to it. So thanks for the info :)

  2. Hey Balaji!
    I could just be wrong as well!
    Though I did read that its his son while I googled it, I don't want to claim things here since I am not a well-informed guy in political happennings. :)
    This blog of mine is a movie blog and will stay so. This post was just a reaction to the ban on showing smoking onscreen.