Friday, April 22, 2005

Search keywords pointing to my blog

Top 25 Keywords (via BlogPatrol) used for searches that pointed to my blog (nothing to brag about as far as the actual numbers are concerned :)):

Anurag Kashyap (Google) - 9
Vijay dan Detha Duvidha (Google) - 2
duvidha (Google) - 2
Michael Madhana Kamarajan Movie Review (Google) - 1
mumbai xpress (Google) - 1
pushpak based on hollywood movie (Google) - 1
pushpak tamil film (Google) - 1
rehan ansari 2005 (Google) - 1
sathi leelavathi (Google) - 1
singaravelan kamal crazy mohan (Google) - 1
tamil dvds bama vijayam (Google) - 1
Thirupaachi tamil Movie download (Google) - 1
trois couleurs (Google) - 1
Vijay dan Detha + Duvidha (Google) - 1
avvai shanmugi download (Google) - 1
duvidha film review (Google) - 1
Duvidha Vijay dan Detha (Google) - 1
Duvidha, a novel by Vijay dan Detha (Google) - 1
hazaaron khwahishen aisi pictures (Google) - 1
hazaaron khwahishen aisi soundtrack (Google) - 1
hazaaroN Khwahishen movie (Google) - 1
jyothika (Google) - 1
madhan's thirai paarvai (Google) - 1

So, I am doing quite some publicity work for Anurag Kashyap! The odd ones are of course, the one that says "Thirupaachi tamil Movie download (Google)" and "Jyothika" ( Crying out aloud:((( ). There was only a passing reference on that movie in one of my posts. At least, all the keywords are related to movies ;)


  1. I'd glad do anything that Anurag Kashyap needs, if it means that we get to see Paanch and Black Friday, both of which are still stuck with the censors/courts

  2. oops, did not see your Anurag Kashyap post!

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