Friday, April 15, 2005

FDES ala Golmaal ala Thillu Mullu!

No time for a new post now. Caught yesterday's evening show and here is my comments on Lazy's blog.


i did a FDES (first day evening show) in typical Golmaal-Thillu Mullu style on Mumbai Xpress and almost felt the same way as Ram Murali did except for the Crazy-Mohan-absent-lament part. I feel the second half could have been done much better. First half was absolutely hilarious and all too good. Pasupathy excels! Also, Vaiyapuri provides able support in the first half. Detailed review later. Somehow feeling Hindi version is gonna be better with Saurabh Shukla (Santhana Bharathi role) and Om Puri (Nasser's role) rocking! Not that Nasser was bad. Somehow, they (Santhana Bharathi & Nasser) could not add pep to the second half.

Going for evening show of the hindi version today. brb!


  1. Zero,
    You should do a detail review on your blog.. good annalysis about the crazy mohan/kamal/singeetham combo.

    info: kathanayagan was the remake of the malayalam movie "Naadodi kathu".So most of the screen play credits goes' to the origninal

  2. I knew that Kathanayagan was a remake of Malayalam movie starring Mohan Lal (wherein, he and his friend end up in Tamilnadu like these chaps end up in Cochin, I guess) by the very fact that the story with all the detectives sub-plot (with Malaysia Vasudevan) has a strong flavour of humour present in malayalam movies and that Pandiyarajan, Satyaraj and many other heroes of the yesteryears (80's) remade many of the malayalam comedy hits (like the S Ve Shekhar Murali starrer which was a remake of "Poochekkoru Mookkuththi" also remade as Hungama in hindi)...

    I felt (long since I saw this movie in DD) rather than the plot, its the dialouges and impeccable timing by S. Ve. Shekhar, that enhanced the otherwise sub-standard comedy. I wanted to add that Kathanayagan was a remake. But missed it in the final draft coz I thought I had already written too much.

    But I do find the humour in these malayalam movies lesser in standard (there are exceptions like Ramjirao Speaking. Gotta confess that I haven't seen much of Siddque-Lal works) compared to what Crazy-Kamal duo have done out here.

  3. Senthil!

    Among the other movies I mentioned, I think Vietnam Colony was a remake of a malayalam hit (of the same name starring who else but Mohan Lal made by Siddique-Lal) as well!

  4. zero,
    there is a big lis tof mohanlal movies that were remade in tamil.i will post about that in my blog soon