Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Some nice stuff

A note to myself:
I know that it’s been really long since I posted anything new here. But, I myself am surprised that 2 whole months have passed away since my last post was written. In my very first post in this blog, I had a note to myself, in which I had written,
The post will, of course, be a review on any (and that means ANY!) movie(s).

It’s time to read that note again. From now on, I intend to do a little justice to that statement.

  • At NaachGaana, Rohit has put up an excellent interview he has had with Anurag Kashyap (for whom I have been lamenting for a long time now) in Los Angeles.
    Less than a fortnight ago, Oz had met Kashyap (his earlier lament for Kashyap) during an Indian Film Festival which was screening the yet-to-be-released-in-India controversial film “Paanch” and made 2 related posts; one, a nice conversation that he had with Kashyap and the other, his take on “Paanch”.
    There is also this post about a theatre workshop by Kashyap and his latest incomplete film, “Gulal”.
    George has an assorted list of posts related to Kashyap that he has had made in his blog.
    And, here’s my take on Kashyap’s brilliant second film, “Black Friday”. Do read.

  • Jabberwock revisits Marx Brothers’ Duck Soup. A real good write-up, I suppose. I intend to read this one day; after I watch the movie, I mean!

  • And finally, there is Baradwaj Rangan’s interview with Shaji N. Karun. Again, I intend to read it after I watch at least one film out of Mr. Karun’s oeuvre.

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    1. The first time I read your blog, the only thing that looked a bit out of place was the blog template. However when I searched for Kubrick images I realised that I have actually understimated you.

    2. Hello... do you have feed enabled? :(

      I wuld have missed this post if not for George's reference.

    3. TBFKA,
      Hi! I have RSS feed enabled in this blog. Just that I don't post much.
      Blog'la irunthaa thaane feed'la varum!

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